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Tasting Notes : A succulent combination of organic ganoderma extract and even richer chocolate,Product Details : This is a Chocolate Drink that is certified Halal ( free from pork products , no alcohol and only permissible ingredients ),Benefits : Enhance overall well-being and balance ( Improves memory , increases stamina and relieve stress ). Great for travelers , send as drink gifts , anniversary or celebration gifts , gift baskets for holiday gifts college student gifts and office gifts,Hot Chocolate Quality : Joint venture with Colcafé , a subsidiary of Grupo Nutresa SANUTRESA , Colombia’s largest food company , in Kuala Lumpur to further expand business in the Middle East . Passed the Halal Certification from Malaysia , the IFRC/P-EXPORT/LA/10/0144,Extra Info : Comes in powder form , single serve chocolate drink , can be served in hot or cold , brand is Organo Gold , 15 easy opening sachets in each box , smooth flavor , silky texture , rich taste , sweet smelling and instant drink,

Traditional chocolate is slightly fatty and can have a stimulating effect on humans . But thanks to the ingredient - Organic Ganoderma extract ; also well known as Reishi , our chocolate drink have lower fat content as G.lucidum is a potent regulator . If you like chocolate , go ahead and drink as much as you want and can ., Our Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate is sold in the form of instant drink for the convenience of consumers . Chocolate drink is prepared in soluble powder that can be quickly dissolved in hot water . It can be served hot or iced chocolate ., Our Hot Chocolate drink has been produced in a way similar to the taste of pure dark chocolate . Put one sachet of Hot Chocolate in a half cup of warm water and enjoy it .

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